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Gotransverse for Communications

The communications industry is ever-evolving, and customers have higher expectations than ever before, requiring Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to take on new technologies and move to the cloud. This includes upgrading companies' front and back-office solutions, along with billing. The sophisticated monetization required by CSPs and the cloud billing solutions available can sometimes make it seem difficult to make the upgrade.

Gotransverse was founded by billing experts with centuries of global communications expertise. We saw the communications and other industries moving towards more sophisticated pricing models to grow revenue and built advanced rating and billing engines to accommodate this shift into our platform from the very beginning. We have the flexibility to cater to a disparate set of requirements that can manage numerous contracts with multiple carriers and data sources. With Gotransverse, communications companies can capture and monitor usage data from a large number of devices across numerous data sources, including legacy systems.

Accelerate Your Communications Business with an Intelligent Billing Platform

Lower Cost to Serve The multi-tenant cloud environment with elasticity and scalability not only grows with high volumes but decreases during slow times, lowering the cost to serve, which is passed on to our customers.
Configurable, Low Code Designed to accommodate a variety of industries, the Gotransverse platform is configurable to meet customer needs, without the customization of typical communications billing solutions.
Sophisticated Pricing The mediation and rating engines were engineered from the beginning to accommodate for complex real-time usage, including multi-variable and prepaid usage-based models.
High Volumes of Transactions The latest in scalable cloud technologies and virtual architectures enable the ability to scale and burst with resource requirements.
Experience in Communications The Gotransverse founders all came from a strong communications background, specifically in the telecommunications space, and understand the intricacies that come with communications billing.
Supports Communications and Digital Services As a lower-cost solution with a foundation in communications, Gotransverse supports a range of communications companies from telecommunications to digital services.
Security Compliant Gotransverse is PCI DSS Level 1 and SOC 1 Type II compliant and retains security measures including minimum 256-bit encryption for all data transmission, hardened networks and firewalls, and ongoing vulnerability checks by an independent auditor.
Increase Visibility and Performance Gain insight into the entire order-to-cash process, with near real-time revenue reporting. Take rapid action on product and customer intelligence‚ÄĒautomatically updating revenue recognition milestones and sharing metrics with key stakeholders.

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