The subscription and usage billing toolkit

Easy pricing, billing, and revenue automation for subscriptions and usage-based products. Gotransverse integrates directly with your front and back offices to make rating, billing and reporting fast, scalable and dead simple.


A full scope API to connect to other products and processes. Pull relevant information into the Gotransverse platform or push information you need into other products. The Gotransverse API is a well structured, granular API that provides the endpoints you need to fully manage the monetization of your services and products.

  • Usage data collection
  • Web self care or partner portal
  • Mobile apps
  • Embedded into your application
  • ERP data

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type order {
  id: id! @unique
  createdat: datetime!
  purchaseordernumber: string!
  customfield: string!
  deliquent: boolean!


Gotransverse has taken the traditional monolithic architecture of legacy billing and accounting systems, and broken it down to like sets of features and application logic. Use the Gotransverse microservices, create your own, or use them to connect to third party tools.

  • Tax
  • Currency Exchange
  • Stored Value
  • Revenue Recognition

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Graphic Microservice


Modern businesses take advantage of time saving automation between business applications, departments and end customers. Gotransverse employs an intelligent workflow triggering system that prompts email notifications and web-service calls to external systems based on rules you define and real-time activities configured in within the platform.

  • Email notifications
  • Web services
  • HTTPS Requests

Action Framework

Graphic Action

Data Extensibility

No two billing setups are exactly the same. Easily add user defined fields to get the exact billing information you need for execution, tracking, and reporting.

  • Products
  • Accounts
  • Service
  • Order
  • Payment


Data Extensibility

Integrations & Partners

And don't forget we offer a suite of prebuilt integrations and partners to solve all of your cloud billing needs.

  • Salesforce
  • Workday
  • Oracle
  • Avalara
  • NetSuite
  • And many more...

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